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Jay W. Preston, CSP, PE, CMIOSH, President and CEO

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Jay W. Preston, CEO

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bullet Call: (310) 645-8789 for service
bullet Fax: (310) 645-8788
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"The only excellent worker is also a competent and responsible driver." -- Jay W. Preston

bulletLiberty Mutual Decision Driving Trainer Course graduate.
bulletNational Safety Council Defensive Driving Trainer.
bulletDriving training courses including California advanced driving school.
bulletSports car rallyist and rally-master

loading dock safety (517918 bytes)

Insurance Loss Control experience providing accident prevention consultation services to policy holders. Policy holders included LTL (less than load) and carload cargo shippers; car, truck, and equipment rental agencies; food, wet produce, livestock, and commodities shippers; delivery fleets; and construction fleets; automobile dealers, service stations, and parking lots.

Good familiarity with DOT motor carrier regulations and other applicable portions of Federal and State regulations, as well as SAE standards.driver training (517918 bytes)

Developed the "Watch that Tail" program for preventing or minimizing backing accidents in the fleet of a major delivery fleet (laundry). Trained the "problem" drivers of a major concrete specialty contractor in the NSC-DDC (Defensive Driving) program.

grade crossing safety accident preventionDon't risk it, don't race it program (17286 bytes)Developed the "Don't Risk It, Don't Race It" training program for preventing railroad grade crossing collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, and presenting the visual sensory lag-time phenomenon and how it relates to high speed rail location and clearance distance perception.  At 55mph, an approaching train is on the order of twenty feet in front of where it is visually perceived.

Incorporated the basics of fleet safety into Advanced Safety Technology courses that I have taught at U.S.C.preventive maintenance (517302 bytes)

bulletDriver Selection
bulletDriver Training
bulletPreventive Maintenance
bulletAccident investigation
bulletAccident Reporting and Record keeping

My motor vehicle cases tend to center on practices, training, and the human factors associated with vehicle incidents.

Killer whales offshore cause an SUV crash on the Pacific Coast Highway south of Carpenteria.


Proper use of helmets can prevent injuries to motorcyclists (Even to teddy bears on the back).


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